Metal Hinges Manufacturing

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CNC Profile Cutting

At Metal Hinges Manufacturing we manufacture steel hinges and other items for farmhouses, home etc. All the items we create are all hand made or forged. We are not in connection with any other company. At Metal Hinges Manufacturing quality is in our DNA so we can guarantee the best quality you can get from our products. Besides standard items, we can even construct custom items that you may wish to produce.

Also we have a CNC Cutting service were we can manufacture custom Names or parts according to your description. Private Message for more information.

CNC Plasma Cutting

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An Idea

At Metal Hinges Manufacturing, a lot of customers come also for consultation for their latest project. A second opinion on a project is always a good idea to have a different perspective from an engineering point. We are proud to give this service to our customers. 


After consulting with the client we go for the manufacturing of the plans discussed. This is done with the highest precession possible.The photo on the left is a  6 mm thick mild steel flange cut by our CNC Machine with that flawless edge, perfect for your projects.